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VIDEO: Beaver Island Energy - Clean, Reliable, Sustainable

This video was created as part of a submission to the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Energizing Rural Communities Partnership Prize, on behalf of the nonprofit Tara's Meadow and the Beaver Island community.

About this project:

Thirty-two miles away from Michigan's mainland, Beaver Island is a unique rural community with many challenges, especially when it comes to safe, reliable energy sources and infrastructure. The Beaver Island Smart Energy Team aims to advance reliable, renewable energy sources on the most remote inhabited island in the Great Lakes.

Our project takes the first steps in clean energy transition by assessing energy use and remediation tactics for key facilities and essential infrastructure directly affecting the health, safety, and local economy of the island community. By strengthening both seasoned and new partnerships, obtaining data and metrics, engaging all stakeholders, and developing funding and implementation plans, our short- and long-term outcomes will help create a more resilient Beaver Island.

Working with volunteer staff, a short production/turnaround timeline, and other constraints, I created this "3 minute video" over the course of a few weeks. Footage includes my personal interviews with three prominent Beaver Island leaders, personal recordings from the island, and additional video from various public sources.

This video is just one part of our grant application to the DOE, which was submitted May 24, 2023 by Tara's Meadow Education and Retreat Center and is currently under review. For more information about the Energizing Rural Communities Prize, visit the DOE website by clicking here.

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